Working Group Dog Collars

Working Dog Collar Training Ideas

Boxers, Pinschers, Mastiffs, Portuguese Water Dogs, Rottweilers, Saint Bernards, Huskies, Akitas and Samoyeds

Although a potential issue with any size dogs, leash pulling can be a particularly frustrating experience with working dogs. Leash pulling can take the fun out of a leisurely walk. Many of the dogs in this group were originally breed to pull loads, so proper training is essential in limiting dog collar “tugs of war”.

Due to their size and physical strength, it’s extremely important to purchase the correct type of dog collar. The dog owner not only needs to be able to exert proper control over their pet, the dog collar should also be comfortable around the dog’s neck.

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Dog Collar Suggestions for Working Dogs

Since many Working Group dogs have short necks and flat faces, dog collars worn too loosely have a tendency to fall off. As a result, martingale dog collars and harnesses are very popular among these owners.

When it comes to dog collar closure styles, Working Group dog owners seem to prefer the security of buckle dog collars over quick release dog collars. For added stability and control, these dog owners tend to like wide, to extra wide closer fitting dog collars.

Dog collars for the dogs in the Working Group need to be well made and able to resist repeated bouts of lunge and pull. Thin, dainty dog collars won’t hold or wear well for these dogs.

Due to their muscular strength, these dogs can easily wear metal and stone encrusted dog collars without the dog collar’s weight being a problem. Additionally, mounted dog-collar adornments don’t present hair entanglement issues for the shorter haired dogs in this group.