Hound Group Dog Collars

Hound Dog Training Solutions

Bloodhounds, Foxhounds, Dachshunds, Greyhounds, Coonhounds, Bassett Hounds, Beagles, Whippets and Elkhounds

Dogs in the Hound Group will make a game of tracking and smelling their prey. Nowhere is lack of exercise more obvious than when this dog is on a leash.  A dog with no consistent planned activity will spin, pull and tug on their dog collar and leash in order to go a certain direction on the sidewalk.

While no specific collar type or style is perfect for every dog, breeds within the Hound Group have incredible speed and endurance, and require durable dog collars that can withstand their outdoor lifestyles.

Dog Collar Guide for Hound Breed Dogs

Due to their longer noses and a keen sense of smell, keeping dog collars on these dogs can be a problem.  Harnesses are popular as a way to securely walk and exercise these dogs. Additionally, for the dogs in this group that have long narrow heads, extra wide dog collars are often selected for their added stability.

Because of the Hound Groups stamina and love of the great outdoors, durability in a dog collar is a must.  The muscular structure of the Hound Group makes them able to handle the added weight of stone adorned dog collars.  As a result, heavier fabric and leather dog collars are preferred.

Due to their shorter hair, these dog owners tend to buy dog collars with less additional neck circumference, than say owners of longer-haired dogs. On average, a Hound Group dog’s collar would have an extra inch to two inches of circumference.