Herding Group Dog Collars

Herding Breed History and Dog Collar Training Options

Collies, Corgis, Shepherds, Sheepdogs, Pulis and Bouviers

These highly intelligent Herding Group dogs were originally bred to help their owners drive cattle and sheep. Now days, they are often found herding and guarding small children and unsuspecting adults. As a pet owner, your goal should be to provide your dog with structured exercise utilizing calm assertive energy. Whether walking around your neighbourhood or in a public park, it’s important to practice consistent training techniques combined with proper training equipment.

Although it’s much more pleasant to walk with dogs that don’t leash pull, it can be a difficult goal to accomplish, especially without the proper dog collar. What works best for one dog might not be a good choice for another. Dogs in the Herd Group are gentle by nature; and generally respond well to training.

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Dog Collar Selections for Herding Dogs

In particular, dogs included in the Herding Group tend to wear their dog collars looser than dogs with shorter coats of hair. Their owners like to select wider width dog collars, as well as large patterned and printed dog collars because they show up best under their dogs’ longer coats.

Due to the possibility of the hair entanglement, mounted, attached and inset stone adornments are avoided on the dog collars of these dogs. As a result, leather dog collars work extremely well for these dogs because longer hair doesn’t stick and tangle in the dog’s collar as easily.