Spiked and Studded Dog Collars History

The cattle herding dogs of Ancient Greece and Roman were known to wear spiked dog collars when protecting or overseeing livestock as a form of armor. In fact, the remains of an ancient dog were found in the ruins of Pompeii, wearing a studded dog collar that was inscribed stating this particular dog had saved its grateful owner from a wolf attack.

During the Renaissance in Europe, the dog was used as a fighter and hunter; and to help protect these vulnerable dogs from getting bit in the neck and around the face, elaborate metal spikes were placed all the way around a dog’s leather dog collar. The spiked/studded dog collar at this time in history was also used to detour would-be thieves into thinking a given dog was aggressive; and thus, served as a home and property protection system.

Dogs wearing spiked and studded dog collars as protection and armor were taken into battle throughout history and used as bate and warriors. The most famous of which was one of Henry VIII of England’s Mastiff that was lucky enough to survive a dogs vs. humans fight and live to wear a silver-reward dog collar from the king.

Early spiked dog collars for fighting dogs were believed to have often been made by blacksmiths of the time. In fact in England, the remains of these types of dog collars have been found at such historic sites.

Modern-day studded and spiked dog collars have been the influence for many human fashion trends; such as the Punk Rock movement.

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