Leather Dog Collars History

Approximately 12,000 years ago it is believed dogs were domesticated; and with domesticated dogs, came dog collars and leashes. The first known leather dog collars date to 3500-3000BC.; and were found in Ancient Egyptian ruins.

In Ancient Rome and Greece studded and spiked leather dog collars were a form of protective armor for dogs on guard against predators. Dogs were so important to Rome’s culture that Emperor Caesar was reported to state that Romans were giving their dog’s more attention then their children. In fact, Rome’s wealthier citizens were known to have elaborate leather dog collars made for their personal dogs.

With society’s expanding middle class during the Renaissance period, there was a need for more affordable dog collars; and as a result, plain leather dog collars became popular. For the nobleman of the day, elaborate metal adornment, overlays, and hinged padlocks were adhered to their leather collars.

It was during the 18th and 19th century that the dog became a status companion; and the overall appearance of dog collars became much more important. As a result bells, jewels, and even metal ID tags were known to be attached to the leather dog collars of pampered pets. It was also during this period that the wealthy started having portraits of their dogs painted, always with a fancy dog collar on display.

Leathers comfort, and durability have made it the dog collar material of choice for centuries. Modern day leather dog collars come in a diverse variety of styles and fashions; but many of the early societal influences can still be seen.

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