Jeweled and Adorned Dog Collars History

In Ancient Egypt, dogs and cats were often mummified and buried with there socially elite owners for protection and help hunting in the after life. During this early time period, dog collars were known to be adorned with inscriptions and precious uncut, or rough-cut stones.

Thru out the Middle Ages, fancy dog collars were a status symbol for the upper class. As a result, wealthy men tried to outdo their neighbors by including precious metals and stones in the often ornate and heavy dog collar armor of the period.

During the Baroque period of the 17th and 18th century, the Germans and the Australians, made beautiful leather dog collars, who’s purpose it was to decorate and identify the pouch who wore this neckware. These dog collars were often a combination of metal work with stones insets, often a top of leather. Some even had early velvet fabrics included in their designs.

In Europe during the mid 1700’s, and well into the 1800’s it was fashionable for the companions of the wealthy to wear a silver, gold, copper or brass elaborately engraved dog collar bands. These displays of devotion often had selectively placed mountings of small jewels and stones on their surfaces.

It was also during the 19th century that owners started painting portraits, often on fine china, of their beloved animals, and writing epitaphs for their deceased four-legged friends. Nothing was too good for their devoted companion, including dog collars with gold and silver bells and precious stone adornments. With the invention of the camera in 1814, dogs naturally started showing up in family photos, wearing everything from clothing, to hats, to fancy jeweled dog collars. It was a period of expression; and what better way to express yourself, than thru your dog.

Currently, anything available in human jewelry is also being placed on dog collars, from diamonds, to amethyst, to turquoise, to pearls, to coral, to rubies. You name it, and someone is incorporating it into a dog collar design.

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