Getting Your Puppy to Sleep in His Bed

Bringing a new puppy into your home is a big transition for him and the whole family. Starting the relationship out on the right foot is critical to your puppy’s security as well as your family’s enjoyment and the integration of your pet into the home. From his first day at home, your new puppy needs a dog bed where he can feel secure and comfortable. It may be tempting to bring him into bed with you, but just like a new baby, a puppy will grow up healthier and better adjusted by having his own dog bed from the outset.

As he is learning his new environment, your puppy will be receiving lots of commands and corrections, but his pet bed should be his safe haven where EVERYTHING he does is right! As soon as your puppy understands that his dog bed is “his space” he will welcome the opportunity to seek refuge there. Never scold or send your puppy to his pet bed as punishment. If he needs a time out or just seems tired, gently lift him into his pet bed using soothing tones and he will soon learn to seek out his dog bed on his own.

If you have difficulty getting your puppy to bond with his dog bed, you might consider whether or not you have chosen the right sized or shaped pet bed for your dog’s personality or for the age of the puppy. Many dogs, especially puppies and dogs rescued from a non-nurturing early life, sleep curled up in a ball in order to feel secure. When they are curled up their internal organs and their vulnerable bellies are protected from attack. It is important to get your puppy a dog bed that gives him enough room to curl up, but not so much space that he feels lost in his dog bed. Dogs are den animals and so they like a cozy fit in their beds. If your puppy is not taking to his pet bed, it may be because it is too big. Pet beds, like collars, need to be snug but comfortable, and need to be increased in size as your puppy grows.

Once your puppy becomes an adolescent and gets more acclimated to the home, he may change his sleeping posture. Many dogs prefer to stretch out in their beds so they can take a peek without changing their posture when they hear a noise. A round bolster bed may have been perfect for your vulnerable puppy, but once he becomes a more confident adolescent, he may prefer a larger futon-type dog bed that will allow him to stretch out instead of sleeping in a ball.

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