Dog Beds and Fashion

Gone are the days of the boring brown or tan fleece lined dog beds. Today, you can color coordinate your pet bed to match the style of your home using good taste but without sacrificing functionality and comfort for your dog.

Pet beds come in fashionable shapes and fabrics that will coordinate with most any décor. Many decorators choose pet beds in a coordinating pattern and color to match the throw pillows of the sofa. Or an alternate scheme is to choose a pet bed in a bold color that provides a contrast color to the room’s color scheme.

Do you have a masculine den with leather and neutral furnishings? Add a bright red pet bed along with some other small red décor accents to pull it all together.

If you prefer a more dynamic home, try combining a striped pet bed with floral patterned furniture or add a faux animal print dog bed to a forest-inspired room décor.

If you can’t decide how to incorporate your dog bed into the style of your home, try multiple styles until one feels right for you. Today’s dog beds have removable covers made for laundering, so find the dog bed style you like and then try out multiple dog bed covers until the right one pops with your sense of home fashion.

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