Different Styles of Pet Beds

There are many choices when choosing a style of pet bed for your dog or cat. Following is a summary of styles and their particular strengths and weaknesses for your pet’s needs.

Bolsters are round pet beds that generally have a raised back. A bolster style pet bed is best for a puppy or a dog that has suffered trauma and prefers to curl into a tight ball when he is sleeping in his pet bed. Bolster pet beds promote security by supporting an insecure dog’s instinctive need to sleep in a posture that protects his vulnerable under belly. The raised back of a bolster pet bed can provide comfort for a small dog or a dog without an under coat who has trouble getting chilled. The raised back of the bolster pet bed protects the dog from drafts that might be chilling.

Lounger style pet beds are raised beds that typically have aluminium frames and a sling-like center. A lounger style pet bed gives your dog or cat a hammock-type experience. Some smaller breeds can appear as if they are resting in a “nest” when relaxing in a lounger pet bed. Lounger pet beds are not recommended for dogs with joint problems as they may have difficulty climbing into or out of the lounger. Lounger pet beds are best thought of as doggie furniture that is most appropriate for a secure, healthy younger dog.

Futon style pet beds are square in shape and come in a variety of bed sizes. The futon pet bed is ideal for a dog who likes to stretch out when he is sleeping. Futon pet beds come in multiple sizes, but getting the right size futon pet bed can be tricky since you have to measure your dog in a fully extended posture. Getting this measurement is important however because your dog may not use his futon pet bed if he hangs off the ends once he stretches out on top of it.

Pet pillows are a perfect alternative to bulky, heavier pet beds. Lighter weight and portable, they can be used in crates or rolled up for travel.

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