About Dog Beds

Why does your dog need a dog bed? Inside dogs that sleep on hard floors can develop calluses or arthritis as they age from sleeping without the support of a pet bed. Even for younger dogs, a day of hard play can lead to stiff joints and muscles just like in humans. A pet bed can offer the comfort and support that your dog needs as he ages or just to recover from a big adventure in the park.

Small dogs or dogs without an undercoat can struggle to maintain a constant body temperature during rest without the added insulation of a pet bed. Even in summer months, some breeds have to work very hard to maintain a stable resting body temperature in an air-conditioned home without a pet bed or pet blanket to help maintain their temperature.

Dogs sleep a lot more than humans, but they typically don’t sleep as soundly. Allowing your dog to sleep in your bed instead of in its own pet bed, sets him up for interrupted sleep as you move around during the night. Dogs don’t like to feel exposed when they sleep, so a human bed is really not ideal. A dog bed will allow your pet to curl up and relax in his own safe space. Just like humans, a well-rested dog is more likely to be well adjusted and mind his manners when he is awake.

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