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Whether you’re training a new puppy or need a sturdy leash for a big breed who likes to take you for a walk, we have a great selection of high quality, decorative and fun dog leashes and leads for small and big dogs. Even if you live in a wide open area that allows your pooch the chance to run around un-tethered you will still have times when you need to put your dog on a leash or lead to protect him and people around him. Walking around crowded areas, especially places with kids will require you to strap a sturdy leash on your dog. In some areas it’s the law. Shop our great selection of decorative and sturdy dog leashes and leads for your specific breed of dog. From Chihuahuas and Yorkshires to Great Danes and Rottweiler’s, we have a fantastic selection of leather, lighted and personalized dog leashes and leads that will comfortably fit your dog and provide a safe way to keep him under control while out for walks.

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