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Holiday Dog Collars

Holiday Dog CollarsIf you're the type of dog owner who likes to get into the holiday spirit consider any of our high quality holiday themed dog collars. Some pet owners tend to go a bit overboard when the holidays roll around and the next thing you know your pet is tripping over toy reindeer antlers and getting his fuzzy Santa beard tangled in his collar and leash. You don't have to make your pet into an elf or bunny for the holidays, simply get him a colorful and playful holiday themed dog collar that will be more than enough to show their holiday spirit. At My Dog Collars we have festive collars for many different holidays including Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day.

Toy dog breeds may be fun to dress up for the owner but the fact is most dogs, small or large, do not like wearing hats, scarves and other apparel and more often than not will try as hard as possible to get out of the costume quickly. To you it may seem cute and harmless but to a dog it can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. Instead of throwing money away on a costume that might not even get worn once be subtle instead and buy your dog a simple holiday dog collar. For the Christmas season you can find terrific holiday dog collars in great themes including decorative dog houses, festive dog bones, peppermint sticks and actual jingle bells. These collars are sturdy and durable so you won't have to worry about it being broken and can always act as a good back up collar should his standard collar need replacing.

Another holiday that gets a lot of attention is Valentine's Day and our inventory of holiday dog collars is full of red and pink heart dog collars that will be perfect for your cupid. We carry several designer dog collars from top brand name manufacturer Up Country including the All Hearts dog collar that is a bright red collar and features numerous heart designs. Dosha Dog is also well known for their decorative dog collars and we offer their Dark Pink with Hearts and White Cat Eye Cabochons leather dog collar to spruce up your pup for Valentine's Day.

If the summer season is when you celebrate you can find a great selection of red, white and blue and starts and stripes theme dog collars for the 4th of July or other summer party events. The Mascot brand red, white and blue sailor's knot dog collar is made from colorful lightweight polypropylene cord and the durable braided color is perfect for small, medium and large breeds.

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