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Dogs & Summer

dogs-summer.jpgSummer can be a great season for dogs and their owners. Depending on where you live you may have access to a beach, lake, nature trails or expansive woods that will provide a dog with endless hours of wandering and fun. However, summer can be a difficult season to get through if you don't prepare in advance and dogs with especially furry coats may find the heat and humidity too much to bear. At My Dog Collars we want your summer to be a happy and healthy time for your pet dog so take some time to read through our helpful tips that will make June, July and August a memorable time for you and your furry friend.

Plenty of H2O – When people talk about the "dog days of summer" they aren't kidding. July through August can be full of very hot and humid days and if your pup is outside he can easily become dehydrated. Dogs don't think the way people do and aren't wondering if chasing that squirrel is such a good idea on a 90 degree day. It's important for all dog owners to make sure their little buddy has plenty of cold drinking water to keep his thirst quenched. Watch for excessive panting, fatigue and poor coordination, all signs that your dog may be suffering from the heat. If you have to leave your dog alone during the day make sure he has a bowl of water to drink from and if he's outside see to it he has a place to rest that is in the shade.

Travelling – Summer means lots of day trips and if you plan on taking your dog with you to the park, the beach or to a friend's house make sure you prepare in advance to ensure he has everything he'll need to stay cool on a hot day. When driving either roll the windows down or crank up the air conditioning. Dogs in cars can be very dangerous on a hot day and even when driving you need to keep an eye on your pup to watch for any signs that the hot air is starting to bother him. Always bring a bottle of water wherever you go just in case and never forget to bring his dog collar and leash when leaving the home.

4th of July – The Independence Day celebration is often full of BBQ's, parties and fireworks. While this sounds like a pretty good time for people it can be a trying day and night for a dog. If you are planning a 4th of July party make sure it's safe for your pet. Avoid feeding your dog too much from the grill since the combination of new food and lots of activity can make a dog very sick. Again, keep an eye on your dog's behavior throughout the day and watch for any signals that the heat is starting to get to him. Have plenty of water for him to drink and a shaded area where he can lay down and rest. If fireworks will be part of the celebration know in advance if your dog will panic when the explosions start. If your dog is spooked by fireworks consider leaving him at a friend's place for the evening so he is safe from the blasts or if he is staying at home speak to your veterinarian about possibly sedating him for the evening so he can sleep through the commotion.

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