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Dogs and Holiday Parties

Beach Dog CollarsWhen the holiday season rolls around, often right after Halloween, many people will decide to host a holiday party at their home. This is a great idea and gives you the chance to celebrate the season with family and close friends. However, if you own a dog you need to plan properly to ensure that both your pet and your guests are kept safe during the event. Not all dogs respond well to crowds and some guests may have issues with a dog so by following a few helpful tips you can avoid any awkward moments.

Know your Dog – You've raised your furry friend since he was a pup and no one knows is behavior better than you. Before you fill his environment (and believe us, he does consider it HIS territory) with strangers decide if his presence is necessary. Some dogs are very social and will be thrilled at all the attention they receive at a party while others will be aghast that so many intruders had the nerve to invade his turf. If your pet is not the social type consider keeping him in a bedroom during the party or at a neighbor's house for the duration of the party.

Mind the Food & Drinks – If you are going to keep your dog in the house during the party it is important that you keep the food and drinks far out of his reach. Many holiday parties include chocolate treats and alcohol, both big no-no's for a dog and if you have these items in places a dog can reach you put his health at risk. To play it safe, keep all food and drinks high enough up that your furry friend can't get at it and tell your joker friend not to slip him any sips of eggnog (believe us , someone will try it).

Put his Collar On – If you usually let your dog roam the house without his collar on now is the time to put it back on. With a home full of party revelers you can never anticipate how your dog will react to loud noises and if his dog collar isn't on it is very hard to restrain him. With his collar on at least you have the ability to quickly grab it and hold him back from doing something regretful.

Holiday parties can be a very fun and festive time but only if you make it safe for your guests and dog.

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