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Does my Dog Need a Harness?

Dog HarnessDoes your dog need a harness? This is a question many pet owners find themselves asking. Chances are they saw someone else using a harness with their dog and got to thinking if a harness might be a better idea than a standard dog collar. Though there is no real or easy answer to this question there are a few things you can look into to decide if a harness is the best dog product for walking your small, medium or large dog breed. A dog harness is mostly used for smaller dogs since collars tend to hurt their delicate necks and with a harness you avoid putting any strain on the dog's neck since the harness wraps around the chest and rib cage. The trachea of a dog's throat is most at risk from tight collars and many owners will use a harness if they think their dog's trachea might be at risk.

Some dog breeds have sensitive throat areas and if you find during a visit to the vet that your puppy has a delicate trachea you will probably want to avoid using a collar since this can easily irritate the dog's throat. Instead, owners will opt for a dog harness which relieves the neck are and puts the pressure on the dog's chest and rib cage. A dog harness may also be used for dog's that tend to pull a lot and the owner has to constantly tug on the leash. If the dog is wearing a collar you will quickly start to hear labored panting since the collar is restricting his breathing as he pulls harder. With a harness you can pull back gently on the leash without having any impact on his throat or breathing and can easily get him to heel on your command.

Lastly, dog owners may choose a dog harness if the breed they own in known for having a thin neck and is easily slipping out of his collar during walks. If a dog has a chance to ditch his collar, he will. Your breed may not be prone to mischief or even disobeying you but like any animal when it knows a dog knows he's free the fun begins, for him at least. You could be spending the better part of your day chasing him down and getting his collar back on. If this happens frequently with your dog then it is time to consider a harness. Because of the design of a dog harness it is very hard for a dog to escape from the harness and this is very helpful when walking your dog.

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