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Cool Dog Collars

Best Dog Collars for Large BreedsHow you accessorize your pet says a lot about you and if you consider yourself to be a hip and cool person then outfit your pup with cool dog collars from our wide selection. Your dog has a style and personality all his own, so why should his collar be plain and boring? Shop our terrific selection of cool dog collars from top brand name manufacturers and give your buddy a collar he'll be proud to wear. From Mimi Green and Lupine to Up Country and Walk-e-woo we feature a wide variety of custom and designer dog collars that are the epitome of canine cool.

What could be more cool that a collar that was designed for the President's dog? Bo, the Portuguese Water Spaniel that occupies the White House sports a stylish Mimi Green patchwork collar that features plaid and argyle patterns with taupe webbing. Mimi Green dog collars are all hand made from scratch so now two are alike and you can choose from a colorful array of patterns and designs that custom fit your pup's personality. Mimi Green also designs laser engraved personalized webbing dog collars that not only feature eye-catching collars but also is engraved with important information about your pet including his name and a contact number in case he gets lost. Choose from stylish colors including pumpkin, raspberry, sage, navy and sky to match your pet's coat.

If your dog has a bit of hippie spirit in him, check out the Woofstock dog collar from Lupine. No, that's not a misprint. Invoking the free spirit of Woodstock, the Woofstock collar features jacquard woven nylon with colorful peace symbol patterns woven right into the webbing. With strong bar-tack stitching, welded D-ring and a custom designed side release buckle the Woofstock dog collar is durable, comfortable and sure to make your dog a hit wherever he goes. The woven peace symbol patterns feature a rainbow of colors including red, yellow, purple and blue and this stylish collar is available in x-large and xx-large.

Polka dots are always a cool design and we have a great selection of Walk-e-woo polka dot dog collars to give your dog a creative and fun look. From brown and blue to gold and red Walk-e-woo offers high quality polka dot collars from x-small to x-large for toy breeds and big mastiffs. Like popular designer handbags, the Walk-e-woo polka dot collars combine whimsical dot designs in exquisite color patterns to produce a cool dog collar that is perfect for pampered pups and dogs with distinction.

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