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Best Collars for Puppies

Butterfly Brown Dog CollarWhen you welcome a new puppy into your home it's important to get off to a good start and one way is to get your dog acquainted to his collar. Puppies are fun, playful and active and you will need a collar to train him to behave and follow commands. Also, in many states having a dog on a leash is the law and no matter how cute your puppy is you still might be cited for this infraction. Puppies generally don't like having things put on them so expect it to take some time before he is comfortable wearing a collar. Here are a few tips to find the right collar for your dog.

Choosing a Collar

Your first collar is pretty much a training collar, so don't go to fancy and splurge since your pup will most likely be spending most of his introduction time chewing on the collar to try to get it off. Most dog breeds will not enjoy having a collar put on. Some may even nip at you with their baby teeth but it is important that you are firm in your commands and that he eventually understands the collar stays on. Try a nice nylon collar to start. Unless your puppy is a toy breed chances are he is going to grow fast and you want a loose fitting collar that will allow space for his neck to grow. Try not to go with fitted or leather collars since this can restrict his breathing, especially when pulling on a leash. It's a good idea to check the collar on a weekly basis to ensure a comfortable fit and that it is still in good shape.

Training with a Collar

When you are training your dog there will be times when a little force is necessary and most dog owners will pull on their dog's collar to get his attention. Always be careful that you don't tug too hard or fast since a puppy's bones are fragile and you can unknowingly cause damage to his neck or spine if you handle him roughly by the collar. Be prepared for some resistance at first and plenty of tug of war when you introduce him to the leash. But as long as you stay patient and stand your ground, training a new puppy with a collar should be a fun and rewarding experience.

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